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Looking for a great photography podcast that blends advice, news, and nerdery? Then check out The Nerdy Photographer Podcast!

Episodes include discussions on the business of photography, equipment, interviews with working photographers, photography in the news, and much more!

And, on occasion, I throw in an fantasy/science fiction/comic book adventure episode. Just to keep you on your toes and keep the nerd quotient pretty high.

Is it the best photography podcast? That is up for you to decide.

Is it the photo industry podcast with the highest production value? How many other podcasts do you know of that do animated episodes?

Is it the most entertaining photography podcast? Two words: ADVENTURE. EPISODES.

So, if you’re looking for a podcast for photography nerds, look no further!

You can stream the individual episodes (and further discussion on the topics we cover on each episode) in the listing below, as well as find links where you can listen and subscribe to the podcast on your preferred podcast platform. That way you can keep up with new episodes as soon as they are released!

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Episode 044 – Bad Photography Advice The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Anthony Collins and I discuss the worst photography advice you, the listeners, have received over the years, and we have a few questions about some Adobe projects…
  1. Episode 044 – Bad Photography Advice
  2. Episode 043 – Year End Roundup
  3. Episode 042 – The Holiday Calendar
  4. Episode 041 – Representation in Stock Photography
  5. Episode 040 – Rainy Day Blues


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