For as long as I can remember, Sean Connery was a presence in my life. My mother adored him not just as Bond but in his later roles, and she passed her fascination with the actor on to me. The Sean Connery impression I bust out at every opportunity owes its beginnings in entertaining her.

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As the 60th anniversary of James Bond approaches, it only seemed fitting that I go on this voyage of nerdy self discovery with Agents Scott and Cam from the Spy Hards Podcast. After all, we are discussing the OG James Bond himself.

Connery’s career post-Bond had its ups and downs. While I love Highlander, Hunt for Red October, The Rock, and other entries in Connery’s filmography, there are some flops in there as well. He also made some curious decisions to turn down roles in The Matrix and Lord of the Rings films that became massive blockbusters.

Through this discussion, though, I felt that I came to a better understanding of the actor and the choices he made, as well as my own connection to this most famous of Scotsmen.

Be sure to follow Spy Hards on Twitter and Instagram for lots of spy film fun! I cannot recommend their Spy Masters series enough, featuring amazing interviews with the people behind the films of the spy genre – actors, directors, writers, cinematographers, and stunt people! If you enjoy the spy genre at all, go check them out.

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