It’s a tale as old as time. Photography budgets vs. photography rates.

photography budgets vs. rates

It can feel like you are playing a game of chicken, waiting to see who is going to give in first.

If you tell them your rates first, they might have been willing to pay more money for photography, but now they think they can get you cheap.

Or, you could quote them a rate that they think is ‘too high’ and you don’t have an opportunity to work with them on the numbers and you lose out on the job that way.

It can be extremely anxiety inducing. And I say that as someone who suffers from anxiety.

In the end, you need to feel comfortable charging what you charge. Otherwise you will be afraid to tell anyone your prices. And you will kick yourself for ‘losing jobs’.

But if you spend all your time working jobs that are paying less than you would normally charge, you can’t make a living. And you want to make a living as a photographer, right?

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Who Shoots first?

Perhaps you have something to say on this age old debate of photography budgets vs. rates…who do you think should go first? Is it up to the client or the photographer?

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