Your photography journey is your own and it is unlike anyone else’s. I know it can be very easy to fall victim to the comparison game.

Can I say that I have totally overcome comparing myself to other photographers? NO! It still happens and I’m twenty plus years in and have had a pretty successful career as a photographer.

But it sucks to compare yourself to other people. I think of the Maggie Rose song, “Help Myself” and a particular lyric sticks out to me:

“My kryptonite is comparison, but I take it each day like it’s medicine…”

That definitely used to be the way that I did things. Spending days looking at other photographers and wondering how I would ever compete with them. Thinking I could never catch up to them or be on their level.

your photography journey

The funny thing is, it really is true that everyone goes through their own journey.

In my two decades as a professional photographer, I have seen photographers sky rocket to ‘stardom’ in just a couple years in the business, only to burnout because they couldn’t scale up their business. Other photographers who’ve spent years developing their business and clientele, seem to become famous overnight but they’ve actually been working on it for a long time, and they’re able to sustain that success.

At the end of the day, you are the only person you can judge yourself against. Are you a better photographer than you were yesterday? Last week? Last year? If not, who is holding you back?

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