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If you blog, or post to social media, you probably wonder why people aren’t clicking through to your post. Or you might be thinking…

Why aren’t they commenting?

Why aren’t they contacting me?


Why are people not engaging with my content??

What’s going to make them want to click/like/share/comment/contact/hire me???

What’s the point, really?

The whole reason you’re posting this stuff is because you want to get hired, right? You want people to buy what you’re selling?

And, honestly, I look at a lot of photographer’s blogs. People send me sites to look at an analyze. Sometimes I click on a photographer’s site because they asked for feedback in a forum.

Or I might see social media posts by other photographers where you can tell they want people to click or comment, but it’s just not happening…

Well, you have to ask yourself, “What is driving the audience to interact?”

It’s all about makin’ that CTA…

Calling all people reading this! Calling all people reading this! Please hire me! Please hire me!

The rise of marketing gurus in the photography industry has led to an overwhelming abundance of advice. YEEEEEAAAARS ago, the go to advice was, “You’ve gotta add a call to action!”

Gotta have that CTA, man!!! Otherwise the reader/viewer has no idea what to do next!!

Yes, that’s true. You should direct your audience on the next step they should take. Giving that direction goes along way towards achieving your goal.

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that SWING!

You can use a CTA on everything you post/write/produce, but it doesn’t matter if your audience hasn’t been reminded why they should be following that call to action.

I see HUNDREDS of photographer blog posts that just post pictures and say, at the end, click here to contact me. WHY??

What problem have you solved? What need are you fulfilling?


You have to get into your audience’s head. And if you haven’t figured out who your audience is, then you need to sit down and think about what matters to them and why/how you’re approaching them to hire you. More on that another time.

In the meantime, instead of just saying “click here” or “contact me” — remember to preface that CTA with a reason why this topic is important to them.

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, and you’re posting on your blog about a wedding, you might say, “Are you getting married at XYZ Venue? I love working there! Click here to contact me!”

Is that a powerful example of something that is going to drive interest and click throughs? Probably not, it’s fairly generic, BUT it is better than NOTHING!

Start thinking about why it would be important for your audience to follow your call to action. Set it up in your post, then hit them with the CTA!


Most often, mentally, when people are looking at your CTA, they will go through a little process of whether or not they want to spend the time to do that. If they are kind of on the fence, this is where you can lose people.

So, what you want to do is address the main objection right after you post your CTA, then follow it up with another similar CTA.

By overcoming that initial objection, you further ‘hook’ your audience member. The thing that was keeping them from following through on your call to action doesn’t seem like such a big deal now and they’re more likely to do what you want them to.

How do you do that? I’ll close out with an example…

Share this post with your photographer friends! Come on, it only takes two seconds and they’ll appreciate that you want to help them with their business!


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