While there are many options in regards to WordPress themes for creatives – we heartily recommend Flothemes – finding Squarespace themes for photographers can prove to be a more difficult endeavor.

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squarespace themes for photographers

Creative Professional Squarespace Themes

You are a creative person, but you are not necessarily a professional website designer. And even if you are, Squarespace is sort of a website design service unto itself.

That is where Squaremuse comes into help! Squaremuse offers not only full Squarespace website design kits for the creative professional, but also individual custom Squarespace elements and pricing kits!

And you automatically get 15% off when you use any of the links on this page! That’s right, you save money. That is always a good thing.

Squarespace Site Templates for Photographers

Need a full website design for your Squarespace photography website? Squaremuse has you covered with more than a dozen highly customizable templates to choose from.

You can view a few samples below:

You can head over to the Squaremuse website to view full demos of any of their template designs.

Individual Squarespace Elements

Maybe you don’t need an entire website. Or maybe you want to add some elements to the design you are considering.

Squaremuse offers custom Squarespace elements for your website, including testimonial blocks…

squarespace themes for photographers


custom squarespace template elements

Event countdown elements!

squarespace themes for photographers

Squarespace Pricing Kit Templates

Squaremuse also offers pricing kit templates. What are pricing kits?

Think of them as single web page selling machines. With Squaremuse pricing kit templates you can create a powerful pricing page for your Squarespace site with 30+ custom Squarespace blocks to showcase your packages, process, testimonials and a powerful contact form.

What are you waiting for?

Finding awesome, professional, creative Squarespace themes for photographers is no longer difficult! Head over to Squaremuse. You will automatically get 15% off just by clicking through on our links, and you will get an amazing Squarespace photography website!

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