There’s one big secret to success on social media – be gorgeous and famous. Wait, no, that’s not it. Oh yea – BE FUNNY!

laugh neon light signage turned on be funny on social media
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If you can get your audience to laugh, you have automatically hooked them. They are more likely to be engaged and keep coming back for more.

But you have to figure out what kind of humor your audience likes. Otherwise, you risk alienating them and pushing them away from your content.

Or, you can choose to solidly embrace your own sense of humor and hope that attracts the audience that you are looking for!

Humor is so important to the Nerdy Photographer, we have an entire category for it here on the website. You can get more nerdy photo humor by following us on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter.

Message me any funny photography jokes you’ve heard lately! Let me know if being funny has led to success in social media for you as well.

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