Are you a creative looking for a new website? Looking for a WordPress theme for photographers that looks professional but won’t totally break the bank? Don’t have the time to design a new site from scratch? Don’t have the money to pay for a custom design?

I used to spend hours and hours and hours designing and redesigning my website, trying to get everything juuuuuuuust perfect. Then, it seemed like every time I finished a design, coding would advance and offer some new great option that needed to be a part of my site.

I was driving myself crazy! It was impossible to keep up and still run my photography business.

But I wanted something that not only looked professional, but fit MY brand and didn’t look like every other photographer’s website. I needed to stand out. I needed something that I could customize.

Feel the same way? You need a WordPress theme from Flothemes!

wordpress templates for photographers

Templates for the modern creative

Flothemes creates amazing wordpress templates for photographers, but their templates are also great for videographers, designers, and other creative professionals.

Premium WordPress themes


Flothemes has over a dozen premium themes! Each of these templates is full of different options for pages, blog posts, blog listings, galleries, and more.

Crowd 2 WordPress Theme from Flothemes

Each theme comes with its own set of options for pre-designed pages, blog listings, galleries, slideshows, headers, and footers.

LVY WordPress Theme by Flothemes

Each theme offers you hundreds of different possible combinations…

Fiji WordPress theme for photographers, videographers, and creative professionals

Some themes even offer a few different ‘base’ looks to choose from…

Cannes wordpress theme for videographers and photographers

And that’s all before you get into REALLY customizing the site. You can go through and create your own layouts, or customize existing layouts using Flothemes ‘blocks’.

Once you start adding/removing/customizing the individual looks of pages and the order/look of the blocks on those pages, you start to truly customize your site into one that is unlike any other!

Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it, of course you can customize the fonts and colors of the site…


The power of WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly versatile platform. It’s not just for blogging! Using this platform allows you to keep your site up to date on your own, without a lot of outside help – which can be costly!


With so many options, you might find it difficult to choose which theme or layout to use. But, having too many good choices is a problem all of us would like to have.


The option of Flex Blocks was added a while back to many Flothemes templates, and since then, all new Flothemes templates are built on this concept.

Flex Blocks allow you to create a custom block within WordPress while still keeping in line with the overall theme of your template. While Flothemes provides templates for these blocks as well, the possibilities for customization are endless. And, you can also add animation!


Whether your potential clients are viewing your website on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone – your website will respond accordingly and change the layout so your viewer sees your site at its best! You can even customize which blocks show up on mobile or not!

Drag and drop blocks

Customizing your pages and layouts is incredibly easy with Flothemes blocks. You just drag them up and down your page, click into them to edit them.


Not as customizeable as you’d like at times.

There are times when I wish that certain blocks had more options – like flipping it so it’s a mirror image of what’s available. It’s kind of a minor, knit-picky thing, but there’s just a few items here and there that you don’t have control over, and, unfortunately, they are not the types of blocks that you can create with Flex Blocks.

Linking is not as connected to your WordPress as I would like.

With other templates I’ve used, the template truly integrated with your WordPress database and allowed you to auto-fill or select from a drop down the pages/posts from your WordPress site you wanted to link to. While you can do this when you’re within the text area of an individual blog post or page, however, inside your blocks, you have to put a full URL in. It’s not a huge hassle, but it feels like it adds to your workload at times. Also, if you want the link to open in a new tab or window, you have to copy include some code to make that happen as it’s not an option within the block editor.

Sometimes you want one block from another theme in your theme!

You look at the themes to figure out which one fits your needs the best, and you purchase your theme. But you would JUST LOVE to have that one block from another theme. Flothemes has addressed this issue by creating a set of 5 different blocks (a variety of blocks for contact info, testimonials, dates, etc.) available across all of their themes for an extra $30.

Nerdy Rating:

4 and 1/2 out of five nerds!!! For what they are (templates), Flothemes WordPress themes are highly adaptable and very easy to set up. And that’s what you’re looking for, right? You want something fast, easy to maintain, and very professional looking.  When you look at it from that perspective, they really are pretty near perfect! I took half a nerd off for the little issues I have – which you might not care about!

If you want to get your site customized in a few hours – because you really can fully customize these themes in that amount of time, Flothemes WordPress templates are really the way to go.

I put my money where my mouth is!

Yes, this very site that you’re looking at right now is built on the Crowd 2.0 theme by Flothemes. I use Flothemes templates on several websites that I run. They offer a quick, painless set up and the ability to keep the site up to date easily without needing a professional website manager.

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