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The Magic Photo Business Secret

Every time I log in to social media, I seem to see more ads for someone pushing their ‘photo business secret’ guaranteed to work for any photographer!

“This program is guaranteed to make you $3000 a month in new sales!”

“Follow my program and you’ll be fully booked in no time!”

“Three simple photography hacks that will double your business!”

photo business secret

So, which magical photo business secrets are guaranteed to work?

I hate to break it to you, but none of the photo business secrets that are pushed online are guaranteed.

This is not to say there aren’t great programs out there that can really help your business. All I am saying is that there is not some magic bullet program that will solve all of your woes immediately after you take the course.

Often, the magic tricks to success are merely an illusion. Because, if you want to succeed, you are going to have to put in a lot of hard work.

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Be careful, and think before buying!

There are a lot of people making promises out there, that with their ‘system’ or their ‘one little trick’ you will be fully booked in no time!

If these tricks were so easy, is the person selling this ‘program’ using them? Or are they teaching you marketing tricks that they are actually using on YOU to get you to purchase their system?

Do some research!

Research whoever you are considering buying a marketing program from. If their program works, there will be lots of photographers out there shouting from the rooftops that it is great.

Or, if you just see a bunch of photographers who are now selling their own programs…well, that isn’t exactly booking up your photography business, is it?

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Know a great system?

Do you know of a great marketing or sales system? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter!

I personally highly recommend Spencer Lum from Go Extra Bold. Spencer knows how to explain the concepts you will need to succeed at your marketing in an easy to understand way. And he prepares you for doing the hard work.

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