Hey photographers, are you looking for Instagram reel ideas? Trying to keep up with the trend that is getting far more attention from the IG algorithm than still images? Wondering how you can stand out and start trending yourself and grow your following?

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Here are few ideas for your Instagram reels, and, while the presentation may be humorous, the tips themselves will actually help you!

1. Point at Things in Your Instagram Reels

While it may seem simplistic to just point at stuff in your reels, it’s actually a great way to increase engagement. When text flies past at a high rate of speed, viewers have to rewatch the video over and over again, increasing your views. Or viewers will have to pause the video. Again, this boosts engagement. People are not swiping past your video and they are spending more time looking at it.

2. Keep It Short

Videos that are 15 seconds and under are less likely to get swiped past. If someone swipes past your reel before having fully watched it, the swipe negatively effects how the algorithm sees your reel. So, unless you have something SUPER engaging, it is best to keep it as short as possible.

Also, people are more likely to watch a short video a few times, thus increasing your views and boosting you in the algorithm.

This also may seem like a pretty simple tip, but it helps A LOT. Wondering where to find sounds that are trending? When you go to add sound to your Instagram reel, usually the top suggested audio are sounds/music that are currently trending.

But there is another way, if you scroll through your feed and find the ‘suggested reels for you’, actually watch and listen to them. These are videos that are being picked up by the Instagram algorithm to spread further into the platform, so go through and listen to sounds and save them to your favorites.

4. Encourage Viewers to Make Their Own Reels

There’s a reason there are so many trending tutorial reels on Instagram. They encourage people to make their own content. Of course Instagram wants people to make more content, so , naturally, the algorithm will boost those tutorial and idea reels.

5. Use Native Filters and Text

Using Instagram’s native filters and text will also boost your reach and engagement. If viewers see a filter they like, they can click and save or use it themselves. This is another one of those encouraging viewers to create content items.

And using native caption text that you type in through Instagram will help you because the algorithm can read your text as opposed to if you use video that was created in another program.

What Do You Think of These Instagram Reel Ideas?

I will be updating and including more ideas to this post, or I might make it into a series of posts. If you want to see more ideas as I post them, follow me on Instagram.

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