I love superheroes. Hey, this is The NERDY Photographer, right? You knew at some point I was going to get into some nerdy shit. Well, today I am going to talk about finding your photography superpower…

Find your photography super power!

Discovering your superpower…

Every good superhero has an origin story where they discover their powers. But you don’t have to be injected with a serum or exposed to high levels of gamma radiation to find your photography superpower.

Ask yourself – What do you do really well or better than anyone else?

Take a look at the market you are in. Do some research. How do you compare to the other photographers in your market?

Is your turnaround time faster? Are you better at posing people? Is there a particular style or types of photos you do better than others? Are their services or products you offer that no one else in your market does?

Are there things you can do that other photographers just can’t? What do your clients love about you and your work? What makes your photography business unique that helps you book clients and make sales?

Or, if you are just starting out – figure out WHAT you want to be known for doing really well. It might not be just one particular ability, but you need to find at least one.

Whether you are the best at in your market or not, set the goal of being the person in your area who is KNOWN for that thing! Claim your superpower(s) and work to strengthen it. It will be the focus of your portfolio, your social media posts, your blog, and how you sell yourself to potential clients.

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Knowing your weaknesses

Along with superpowers, there’s usually a weakness or two thrown in there. Hey, otherwise it would be too easy, right?

I mean, Superman has Kryptonite, the Human Torch has asbestos (yea, that was really a thing but it makes sense), and Green Lantern has the color yellow…

Yeah, that one is kinda weird. Oh, and wood…the color yellow and wood…so odd.

Just like a superhero, it is important for you to know your weakness(es). What are the things you could improve on? What should you avoid talking about? What will potential clients see as a weakness?

For example – Do you lack a lot of experience? Are you not great at posing people? Did you just move to a new area and are starting all over again?

Once you have identified your weaknesses, be sure not to focus on them!!! Steer clear of them on your website, in your social media, etc. while you work on them and try to bring them up to par with everyone else in your market.

With great power comes great…opportunities!!

Now that you know what your powers are, how can you use them to improve your business? What opportunities are available to you in your market to showcase what you do best?

Superman could have had his own Las Vegas show with how he ACTUALLY tricked people with his Clark Kent disguise. He didn’t even know how he did it until this issue of Superman. If you want to know how he does it, leave a comment and ask.

Are their local charities, organizations, or events you could partner with to highlight your strengths? Is there a trend that you’ve spotted that no one else is talking about? Are the demographics of your market changing?

Find out how you can use the opportunities to your advantage to improve your business!

Always be on the lookout for trouble…

Hey, you’re a superhero now, you have to keep an eye out for threats….

No, you most likely won’t have to worry about Mephisto, but there could be threats lurking that could do damage to your business.

What dangers to your business are there in your market? I mentioned changing demographics in the section above, and that could work for or against you.  Are there changes in the local economy? Is your market already flooded with photographers? Do you have cash flow problems? What are the obstacles you face to being successful with your photo business?

Write all of this stuff down!

By going through the questions above, you’ve actually created a very important business marketing document called a SWOT Analysis (for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats). And here you thought we were just talking about superheroes!

Well, most creative types have difficulty truly understanding ‘business’ topics unless you put them into a language they can understand…and it’s crucial that you understand this topic.

It’s a very important tool to understand your place in your market and how to book more work.

Take your time and write it all out. Then use this document as a tool to create a strategy to reach new clients and keep your current clients focused on what you do best!

Be sure to share this article with your photographer friends because we all deserve to be superheroes!

Until next time, true believers. EXCELSIOR!!!





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