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Get Comfortable Handling Rejection

As a photographer, or as anyone who pursues a career in a creative industry for that matter, you have to find a way to get comfortable with rejection. Otherwise, it can eat you from the inside out.

When I was an actor, I dealt with rejection ALL the time. You would go to an audition and there would be twenty other people there trying to get the same job as you. So then I made the switch to a less subjective and rejection filled career with photography! HAHAHAHAHA!

What I am trying to say is this: you are not going to be the right fit for every potential client. Try not to take it personally. In some ways, learning to embrace rejection can be good for you.

My friend Spencer Lum spoke on the podcast about actually seeking out “NO” answers from potential clients as a way to get them to be honest with you.

It will be better for your mental health in the long run if you can find a healthy way to deal with rejection. It’s not that it shouldn’t upset you. You just have to not take it personally (I know, easier said than done – especially when your name is on the business and you feel even more connected to it making any decision not to hire you feel personal) and move on to the next task.

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