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5 Ways To Increase Your Photography Sales Through Writing

Let’s face it, engaging your audience to hire you as a photographer without seeming “salesy” can be difficult. I understand, I don’t want people to think of me like a used car salesman either. Even though you’re a photographer, you are constantly writing for your marketing (social media, email campaigns, and blogging). So I have put together 5 easy ways to increase your photography sales when you are writing.

ways to increase photography sales through writing

1. Tell a Customer Service Story

Let your audience know how good you are at your job and that you will go out of your way to help them. It will make them feel more relaxed and confident that you know what you are doing.

Tell them a story about how you handled an unexpected circumstance at a shoot. Or relay a story of how you exceeded your client’s expectations.

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Give them practical examples of how you excel at your job. The more they see the ways you go above and beyond to help your clients, the more they will want to BE one of your clients.

2. Solve a Problem

You have to know your audience. What is your ideal client worried about? What problems do they face? Budget? Lack of time?

Showing them that you know how to solve their problems ingratiates you to your potential clients before they even contact you. They feel like you know them and that you ARE one of them because you understand the difficulties they face.

3. Address a Need

We all need something. What is it that your client needs?

Do they need to feel more comfortable in front of the camera? Do they want to impress their friends from high school who always made fun of them?

They may even have needs they don’t know about. Show how valuable you are to them by showing you know how you meet their needs (even the ones they didn’t realize they had).

4. Remind Them Why This is Important

Sometimes people forget why photos are important to them.

Your clients have lives going on outside picking a photographer. And when all of that other ‘life stuff’ starts piling up, it is easy to forget why you were looking to hire a photographer in the first place.

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Over the years, I have met with THOUSANDS of couples planning their wedding, and a significant percentage of those couples just wanted to check ‘wedding photographer’ off their list.

But, once I start asking them questions about what these photos would mean to them after the wedding, and what photos they are looking forward to seeing when the wedding is over, they start to remember the emotions tied in with these photos.

Be sure to use all of your writing (marketing, blogging, social media, etc.) to remind potential clients of why these photos are important.

Not only will you make ‘photos’ more important to them in general, you will establish yourself in their mind as someone who understands the importance of their photos.

5. Confirmation Bias

People love it when you tell them what they already think is true. Find ways to confirm the biases they already have in regards to photos and photographers and you will further differentiate yourself from the competition.

If your clientele thinks that a certain type of photo is ridiculous, lean into it. Tell them you do NOT take those types of pictures.

It will strengthen their desire to work with you because you agree with them.

Do you find these tips helpful?

I hope you found these tips on how to increase your photography sales through writing helpful.

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