Stop saying 'CHEESE!'

Have you noticed how the life goes out of people’s eyes when you tell them to pose a certain way. Stand here. Put your arm like this. It gets even worse when you have clients who are a bit shy or even introverted. If you want to create authentic, emotional photos, “Let’s Be Real!” will help you create interactions that your clients will remember when they look back on their photos.

The “Let’s Be Real” prompts were developed by Casey Fatchett over the course of 20 years in the photography industry, using his own self conscious nature to help clients who felt that they were ‘unphotogenic’.


With You Wherever You Go!

What’s the point of using prompts if you can’t access them quickly? Cards get lost and are difficult to organize. You can forget a book or guide. “Let’s Be Real!” is always with you because you can store it ON YOUR PHONE!



Our Prompts

Are these just lists of poses?

No! These are not poses. Poses and prompts are very different things. Poses tend to be static and don't require any thought while prompts get your subject to engage with you or with each other to create more natural, authentic images.

Why should I use prompts?

They will help you create a more engaging, fun environment for your photo subjects. As you continue to use them, you will develop more confidence in your ability to handle difficult situations and subjects.

My clients feel nervous about having their picture taken. Will prompts help with that?

Absolutely. People who are nervous and self-conscious about having their picture taken often get 'in their head' about the picture taking process. Prompts give them something else to focus on so that their reactions are more authentic and less guarded.

Do the same prompts appear in multiple packs?

No! Each pack - couples, weddings, families, and individual feature their own unique set of prompts. There are no repeats!!

My clients say they're not good at posing. Would prompts be good for them?

Of course! When your subjects aren't sure what to do with their bodies they can become stiff and it really comes across on camera. Giving them actions or word games or just things to think about and focus on can help eliminate the stress of wondering what to do with their body.

Why would I use prompts instead of posing my clients?

You get much more natural and REAL photos that carry more emotional weight with your clients when you get them to connect with you and especially with each other!

How can this help my photography business?

Using Let's Be Real! prompts will increase your confidence AND your clients' confidence in themselves and in you. They will also help you create more fresh and dynamic images since you won't be using the same stale poses over and over again (which don't always work anyway)

I'm not very comfortable using prompts, can you help me?

Yes, we've put together a short video course to teach you how to better use prompts to get the most out of them and to feel comfortable using them with your clients.