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We’re Photographers!

When I first saw the “We’re [insert group], we [insert funny stereotype]!” trend going around on social media, I thought there was a lot of potential to do a “We’re Photographers!” video that would be pretty funny. After all, photographers have lots of little idiosyncrasies that people outside of the industry just don’t understand.

For example, keeping equipment boxes. Why do we keep equipment boxes? It seems to be pretty widespread from the comments that I received.

Then again, I received A LOT of comments. I figured this video would do pretty well but I had no idea just how far it would go.

As of writing this, the video has over THREE MILLION VIEWS! That’s insane to me. Sure, you’re thinking, “The video went viral, that’s pretty great! And it looks like it was pretty easy to do…”

Well, it wasn’t as easy as it may look. While I was shooting the original video, I was getting very flustered at first and upset that things weren’t “perfect”. Worries of what people would say about me started running over and over in my head.

After I published the video, while there was enormous positive feedback, there were some people who did not quite understand that the whole video is a joke and decided they would spew some vitriol at me. It’s interesting, actually, that I have always been a bit self-conscious about sharing videos of myself on social media but the negative comments actually made me more confident to share.

So, I came up with a second “We’re Photographers!” video using all of the bits I wasn’t able to fit into the original video.

While the second video hasn’t quite received the same amount of feedback it’s still over one hundred thousand views at the moment.

So, if you’re worried about sharing yourself with the world and negative feedback has you feeling down – keep at it. The only thing standing in your way is you! Just get out there and start making stuff.

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