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Phone Photographers Meme

I keep seeing phone photographers posting pictures in photography forums calling out photographers who use interchangeable lens cameras…

phone photographers

They say things like, “Who needs a big bulky camera when you can take pictures like this?”

Sure, you can take a great photo with your phone. You can even take RAW images.

My problem is that you don’t have a large sensor nor the glass to compete on a level of quality if you are planning to do more than just post your photos to the internet.

Yes, I remember that ‘shot an iPhone’ campaign. Beautiful pictures, but remember that all of those photos were in black & white. You can do a lot when you eliminate color issues (noise, color depth, fringing, etc.)

So, every time I see a phone photographer brag that they can take ‘professional’ quality images on their phone, I think of this phone photographer meme.

It’s not that you can’t take great pictures with your phone. You absolutely can. But consistency is crucial if you are a professional.

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