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Where Did My Lens Cap Go?

Gremlins are stealing my lens cap.

Or there is a secret society devoted to procuring as many lens caps as possible.

Perhaps there is a magical gateway in my pockets and gear bags that lead to a secret Narnia-like land where there is just a massive pile of lens caps.

Seriously, when I get to the end of a photo shoot or a wedding or an event I am photographing, there are at least five minutes where I am looking for my lens caps. Where did I put them? I thought I put them in the outside pocket of my camera bag.

No? Pants? Nope! Jacket or coat pockets? Not there either…

Most likely, I just have a penchant for misplacing them. But, the thing is, I will go back and check the same spots a second or third time and somehow the lens cap is there…

Makes me think there actually is a magical portal…or gremlins…

Either way, I carry around a few of these universal lens caps from KURVD just in case I need them.

Click here to get one for yourself on Amazon. Yes, that is an affiliate link. I thought you should know. It’s one of the ways I keep the lights running on this website.

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