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Dune Photography Memes

I love Dune (as evidenced by the Nerd Quest episode I did about it on the podcast) and the new movies lend themselves very easily to becoming photography memes. While I could spend hours discussing what I think of the new Dune films and how they relate to the books and to David Lynch production, using them to make memes for photographers is almost too easy…

Everyone’s a Photographer Now

dune photography meme

If you have ever been on a neighborhood / town Facebook group and someone says they are looking for a photographer, you know how the comment section quickly turns into feeding frenzy. Anyone who owns a camera throws their hat into the ring, especially because the poster is looking for someone ‘reasonably priced’

Lisan Al-Gaib!

We get it, Stilgar. The signs and portents are there. There are so many helpful technological gadgets that many photographers don’t know how to use that made this a no-brainer

Lay off me I’m starving!!!

I cannot tell you how many times I have had to sprint to a back room to quickly grab some food at a wedding. But I can tell you that it is even more often the case that the band has brought more people than were expected and they are trying to eat the food set aside for the photo and video team.

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