When you have been a photographer as long as I have, you are bound to pick up some bad habits.

One of mine is that I often set down a piece of camera gear and entirely forget what I did with it.

And I am not talking about misplacing my lens cap. I mean lenses, flash units, stands.

I will come home from a wedding or event, and think to myself, “Did I pick up that lens I set down on that table after the speeches?”

Or I will be going through my gear bag, getting my equipment ready for my next gig, and, when I’m unable to find a particular item, wonder if I ever put it in my bag at the last event.

There was a moment at a recent shoot when one of the other people there said to me, “Hey, I’m just going to put this flash of yours back in your bag if you are done using it.”

At first I went to say, “Don’t worry about it!” but then I thought about the likelihood of me forgetting about it completely and thanked them for their assistance.

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