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Doing It The Hard Way

I am astounded at times at the number of newbie photographers who ask questions about photography, but don’t bother to listen to the advice that they are given.

I see them posting in forums, asking about what is the perfect lens – and when numerous people tell them that it isn’t about the gear, they scoff…

And then come back a week later posting pictures asking why their shots didn’t come out the way they wanted…

Some people don’t actually want to learn.

They don’t want to put in the time to learn the craft.

They just want to pick up a piece of equipment, push a button, and be a master.

Except that is not how it works…

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The Nerdy Photographer
The Nerdy Photographer

With more than a quarter century as a professional photographer, The Nerdy Photographer's goal is to spread knowledge and laughter throughout the photo industry. Please follow along on social media and subscribe to the podcast.

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