I remember my first film camera. There were no ‘mode’ settings. Everything was manual and the only sense the camera gave you that you were exposing correctly was a light meter in the viewfinder.

photography manual mode meme

It was very hit or miss for me as I learned photography.

I didn’t even know what that light meter was for about 3 months. I just thought it was a random arrow that moved around in my viewfinder.

But I learned, and eventually it made me a better photographer for having to LEARN photography on manual mode. I saw what happened when I used certain settings.

And how did I learn from my settings? I had to write them down after I shot because, when you’re using film, your settings aren’t saved in the negatives.

Trial and error taught me a lot.

So, don’t be afraid of manual mode on your camera! It can be your greatest teacher.

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