I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had someone contact me about wedding photography (or any form of photography really), ask for my most deluxe package/offering/collection, and, upon seeing my prices, say that their budget is 10% of my rates.

cheap photographer

I don’t blame people for having a low budget, but please respect that my rates are my rates. That’s all.

I have associate photographers whose rates are lower than mine. I offer their services.

I happily recommend other GOOD up-and-coming photographers with much lower rates.

But they often say, “We really want YOU! Your photos are so beautiful. And you have so many great reviews.”

Okay then…pay me!

If you want me, at least be in the same ballpark with me financially.

Also, don’t come back to me AFTER you hired the least expensive photographer you could find, and be upset that your photos look like you hired the least expensive photographer you could find.

If you have champagne taste and a seltzer water budget, it’s time to start managing your expectations.

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