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Canon R5 vs. Sony A7S III Cameras

There are just so many camera specs being thrown around with the announcement of the Canon R5 and the Sony A7S III.

Is there one meme that can contain all of this hype? Absolutely not…

First off, you’ve got photography websites posting articles stating why you absolutely MUST buy whichever camera and then turning around and telling you the next day why you shouldn’t buy the exact same camera…

photography websites talking about photo gear hamilton meme

Then Sony users started seeing the specs of the Canon R5 and thought, “Okay, now Canon has a serious contender in the mirrorless camera world!”

mirrorless canon r5 sony a7s III die hard meme

Then Sony started to see a lot of people talking about switching to Canon and immediately came out with an announcement about the A7S III…

mirrorless canon r5 sony a7s III hamilton meme

And, to be clear, for all the photographers who love to talk about ‘card slots’, the A7S III reportedly uses a memory card format you can’t even buy yet!

So, which one are you going to buy?

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