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Who Else Wants a Great Camera Bag?

Your camera bag is one of the most vital pieces of equipment you’ll own. It has to transport your gear, keep it safe, and quickly available. You’d probably also like it to be comfortable, and able to carry whatever gear you might need for your shoot!

I’ve used several over the shoulder and sling camera bags throughout the years. They all had their shortcomings. Too small. Too big. Uncomfortable. Not water proof. Difficult to actually get equipment out of them on the fly. The list goes on and on…

So, when I saw Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger Bag, I was like…

And then when it arrived, I was like…


Why did I like it so much? There are lots of reasons.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

For Your Camera Stuff, Or Not For Your Camera Stuff

I use this bag all the time for engagement and portrait sessions. It’s also my ‘go to’ travel bag, not just for my camera equipment. The removable, flexible, origami inspired internal dividers can be arranged to accommodate a wide variety of things.

Places to Put Everything

I don’t know about you, but I like to have lots of pockets. Places to put batteries, memory cards, cables, filters, what have you….the Everyday Messenger has an intelligent, intuitive layout with a versatile set of pockets that can accommodate just about anything you could think to fit in a shoulder bag.

The pockets even have color coded stitching if you want to put your expired batteries or full cards in the red pockets, batteries and cards that are ready to go in the green pockets!

Magnetic Latches

Peak Design’s MagLatch is pretty genius. You can use it no-look, one-handed, and it is quiet and secure. Gone are the days of fumbling with one or two push clasps to get your bag open.

Peak Everyday Messenger MagLatch

The magnetic clasp features 4 ladder lock points riveted to a stainless steel internal plate. The magnet catches the plate, creating a lock-free soft closure. Then, simply pull up on the latch and it will securely lock onto the nearest ladder. To remove, you pull up on the latch handle.

Expand! Contract! Expand! Contract!

Whether you only need one lens or several, the bag expands and contracts without losing it’s shape by attaching the magnetic clasp to different lock points.

Laptop and Tablet Sleeves

Dedicated, protected laptop pocket with tablet/document sleeve is accessible without opening main bag compartment.

I also put my ‘idea journal’ back there so I can write in it while I’m traveling to and from the shoot.

It Holds Pretty Much Everything You Need for Your Shoot

Engagement session? Portraits? Headshots? You can carry what you need.

I have the 15″ model, and I can carry my full-frame DSLR (with battery back), two or three lenses (depending on the length of the lenses), a flash unit, and my other accessories. Sometimes, I even put my small mirrorless camera in there as well.

Without the battery pack on, I can get a lot more in the bag!! Yes, that’s a 70-200mm lens fitting comfortably in there.

If you shoot with a mirrorless system, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could two cameras and 4 lenses in the 15″ bag, depending on your system.

Get to Your Stuff Quickly

When you’re out and about, you want to be able to get to your gear quickly. The top zipper allows for quick, latch-less access to main compartment

Bring Your Tripod or Monopod Along!

There’s a tripod/monopod ‘pocket’ built into the main cover of the bag – no need to carry it separately, keeping your hands free!

Vegan Friendly

There’s no leather used in the construction of the bag.

Adjustable, Twist Resistant, Internally Padded Strap

By adjusting the strap, you can convert the bag from messenger style to low-slung shoulder bag. The design of the strap anchors helps keep the strap from getting twisted and becoming uncomfortable. And no exterior pad keeps a clean, professional appearance while making sure you can carry heavy loads comfortably.

Weatherproof Shell

Other bags I owned had no weatherproofing or you had to take out an additional ‘weather cover’ in case the weather turned bad. The Everyday Messenger has the weatherproofing built in! With a weatherproof waxed shell, high-density padding , a weather resistant undercoat, and premium weatherproof exterior zippers.

Weatherproof Camera Bag

Don’t Want a Messenger Bag?

Peak Design also makes sling bags and backpacks. So, no worries!


I HIGHLY recommend the Peak Design Everyday Messenger. It’s sleek, stylish, holds a ton of gear, comfortable, weatherproof, AND easily accessible. What more could you ask for in a camera bag?

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