If you’ve done much product photography, you’re probably familiar with the little pop-up product photography ‘tents’ that fold up like reflectors and you can tuck away.

There are similar products for portraits, but they don’t look so great.

Enter Konseen with their new LED powered pop-up light tent for portraits! It’s a human size light tent!

pop up led portrait studio

According to their announcement, it is quick and easy to assemble, and PACKED with features. You assemble the tent by sliding tubes together and then stretching the reflective fabric over them.

pop up led portrait studio

The tent is lit by 8 LED strips (5500K color temp) with 96 individual LEDs per strip. Each strip has its own dimmer, giving you complete control over your lighting.

pop up led portrait studio

The tent also appears to have zip out panels, in case you want to use your studio lights.

It comes with three PVC board backgrounds – white, black, and light blue – as well as three soft clothes for light diffusion. The tent comes in two sizes:

pop up led portrait studio
47x39x78 inches – good for adults

Check it out on Amazon!

And a smaller 62″ high version for kids…

pop up led portrait studio Check it out on Amazon!

What do you think? I know it’s being marketed towards portrait photographers, but I think this would actually be great for “step-and-repeat’ type photos at events or even for a small, portable photobooth!

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How much do these tents cost?

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There’s a link that will take you to the current pricing.


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