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Off Camera Wedding Lighting Kit

“What do you bring with you light weddings?”

Photographers just learning off-camera flash often ask me what my lighting kit is like when I travel to weddings. I like to keep it light.

I bring 4 flash units:

Two speedlights that can be used on camera or off, depending on the situation.

Plus two portable wireless flash units that pack the power of 4 speedlights each! I use these for lighting portraits and as ‘room lights’ during the reception. Plus, they’re not as bulky as big studio lights.

Along with those four flashes, I bring two sets of gels that can go on any of my flash units (if I want to match the ambient lighting or create special lighting effects), four light stands (so I can mount all four units if I want to, and two wireless controllers (one for each camera body.

You can check out the whole kit below!

What lighting gear do you bring with you when you’re photographing a wedding or event? Let me know in the comments!

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