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Luminar 4 – Photo Editing Software

I previously reviewed the Luminar photo editing software by Skylum Software, and I was impressed by the power of this relatively inexpensive software. You can click here and read that full review if you’d like. Well, now Skylum has released Luminar 4 and I am even more impressed.

Skylum made improvements to the interface of the software, making it easier to get around and edit your photos.

luminar photo editing software

However, the most significant improvements are in the realm of AI powered enhancements. And, since most of the other features remained similar to where they were in the previous version of Luminar, these AI enhancements are where I am going to focus this particular review.

Portrait Enhancements

This is the feature that really made me stand back and take notice with Luminar 4. The portrait enhancements not only include skin smoothing but eye brightening, and facial structure manipulation.

skin and portrait enhancer software

Honestly, it’s all a little too easy!! I remember buying software that was an add-on to Photoshop that required making dozens of adjustments to get similar results and that software was over $100 AND you needed Photoshop on top of it!

luminar photo editing software

Sky Replacement

luminar photo editing software

Replacing the sky in photos can be a time consuming process. First, selecting the sky, replacing it with an appropriate image, then matching the color/lighting in the overall photo.

Personally, it is one of those processes I do not enjoy. But Luminar 4 makes the process SO EASY you can test out a variety of different options in a couple of minutes and choose what you’d prefer.

sky replacement software

Replace the sky in your photo in a matter of minutes, adjust the lighting (including putting in sun rays!), and you’re all good to go!


Do your photos lack a certain pop? Do they feel a little flat and bland?

Luminar 4’s AI structure enhancements will find areas of your photos that could use a little help and boost them automatically!

Additional Photo Editing Features

Other features of Luminar 4 include:

One click enhancements like AI Accent and Sky Enhancer that allow you to make complex adjustments to your photos with one simple slider.

You can erase unwanted objects with the content aware eraser tool! That’s something that has only become available in Photoshop in that last few years. Now it’s available in much less expensive software.

Use smart contrast, noise reduction, enhance details and landscapes, apply creative ‘looks’, and browse through your catalogue of photos easily!

Take $10 Off Luminar Photo Editing Software!

Luminar 4 can be used as a standalone program or as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom! It retails for just under $90, but you can take $10 off that price with the discount code NERDYPHOTO. Click here to download your free trial today!!

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