When I am photographing an engagement session for a couple, I like to travel light. In fact, I often try to travel light.

With engagement sessions though, I don’t want to bring a lot of gear that is going to weigh me down. I pick a short telephoto lens (usually an 85mm or 135mm) and a slightly wider angle (35mm or 50mm), all depending on the locations we’ve chosen for the shoot. I’ll bring along one speedlight or small portable flash unit if I think I’ll need it.

This way, I’m not encumbered by a bunch of different lenses, and I can interact more with the couple instead of fiddling around with my gear.

Also, we tend to walk around a lot so I don’t want to bring 6 different lenses to choose from.

I go based on what the situation will most likely require, and I ‘foot zoom’ as needed and get more creative with my compositions. You can check out what I bring along below:

What do you bring with you when you’re photographing engagement sessions or couples portraits?

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