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Do We Really Care About Camera Brands?

For a while recently, there was a trend on social media (Instagram Reels and TikTok) where photographers were posting videos that stated their age, how long they had been a photographer, and what brand of camera they use.

And this brings me to the question, does any of this crap really matter?

Your age isn’t a determining factor in whether you are a good photographer. I have seen eight year olds who are working as wedding photographers and people in their fifties who have been hobbyists for decades who can’t take consistently well exposed images.

You would think that the number of years would also be a determining factor but I think that has more to do with professionals. Making money as a photographer requires a level of consistency in your skill. If you are just shooting as a hobby, years of experience do not equate to ability.

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Finally, when it comes to cameras, WHY do we care? Each of us, as photographers chooses camera brands that work for what we are trying to capture.

There are photographer friends of mine who shoot multiple brands. Just because I shoot Canon doesn’t make me a better photographer than my friends who shoot Sony and Nikon…

Why do we put so much weight on camera brands? It’s because the brands themselves are so active in trying to make photographers TALK about the cameras. They are getting you to promote their product.

Making a choice on which camera brands you shoot is a personal decision. But more importantly, YOUR CLIENTS DON’T CARE!

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Seriously, clients do not care about camera brands. They just want to know that you can produce consistent, quality images. You have to deliver the goods. That is all.

This obsession with camera brands also hurts you in your marketing. Too many photographers gear their social media towards talking about what gear they shoot instead of trying to reach PAYING CLIENTS!

Gear only matters to other photographers. Other photographers are not hiring you for gigs.

Do you agree? Disagree? Reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram and let me know. And feel free to check out the podcast where there are a lot more discussions just like this one.

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