“I don’t know if my batteries are going to last long enough…”

As a professional photographer, that has to be one of the most terrifying thoughts that can cross your mind. I always make sure to travel with MORE than enough batteries than I need, but…things happen.  And when that happens, you’ll know the pain of the Cybermen…


Maybe your extra battery just decided to die…

Maybe you’ve trekked to the top of a mountain for some photos and you forgot you left your camera in the on position the entire time and now you’re at 10%!

Or perhaps you just don’t want to carry a bunch of redundant batteries for every piece of gear in your kit…

You need just a little bit of juice to get you through…


Enter the Omni Ultimate!!!

ultimate portable battery

The Omni Ultimate is the third portable battery pack from Omnicharge, currently crowdfunding over on Indiegogo.

A proven track record…

I currently own two of the previous Omnicharge batteries from their other crowdfunding campaigns. They’re fantastic and they come in two ‘sizes’:

The Omni 20…

And the Omni 13…

I use them to recharge my camera batteries, power laptops, flash batteries, run my photo booth, etc., etc.

The Omni Ultimate

Looking at the campaign for the Omni Ultimate makes me all like…


The Omni Ultimate provides a top-notch power output, boasting a massive 150W DC output, 120W AC output, and 60W USB-C output:

  • AC Outlet: 120W Pure Sine Wave
  • DC Out: 150W (Adjustable Voltage & Amperage)
  • USB-C Port: 60W (Input & Output)
  • 2 x USB-A Ports (QC 3.0 compatible)
  • 40,300 mAh (2.5 Hour Recharge Time)
  • Removable Battery

Yeah, a REMOVABLE BATTERY! removable battery

Did I also mention it’s also FAA and TSA approved? Yep, you can just put it in your carry on and take it with you.

Power for whatever you might need!

Recharge your camera/phone/laptop? CHECK!

Charging a drone? CHECK!

Need to power a TV? CHECK!

ultimate portable battery

A multitude of recharging options!

You can recharge your Omni Ultimate pretty much any way you can think of!

ultimate portable batteryAnd once it is charged, it’s like having a bunch of batteries all in one!! Plus, like I mentioned – removable battery pack. Take a couple of these and you’ll have all the power you need.

Be prepared!

While it is great to have batteries like this for work in the event that you need them, or if you like to go camping/traveling and don’t want to be tethered to an outlet, all of the hurricanes and violent weather of the recent past have taught me that you can NEVER have enough portable power. In case your lights go out unexpectedly or you are on the move and don’t know when you’ll be able to find a chance to charge your devices, these batteries can save the day!

So head over and back this campaign (or just get one of the already in production batteries from Omnicharge I listed above) and make sure you have power on hand when you need it!

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