It’s funny, when I first saw the name of the company, HoldFast, that makes the Moneymaker camera harness, I thought, “Well, that’s appropriate…”

I used to go through a camera strap or harness every year. I would basically put up with one for a year then ditch it for another that I thought would be more comfortable.

It wasn’t until I bought the HoldFast Moneymaker system that I felt like I had found the perfect fit for me.

Built to Last

The Moneymaker system is ruggedly built. Hand made from leather (they’ve also just added non-leather options) with high quality metal fastenings.

Moneymaker Camera Harness Review

Moneymaker Camera Harness Review

The clips on the strap attach to a D-ring that screws into your camera’s tripod mount.Moneymaker Camera Harness Review

For those that like a little additional security, the Money Maker also comes with extra smaller straps that you can attach to your camera’s other strap rings. Personally, I feel those get in the way for my style of shooting. I’ve also used this system at hundreds of events and shoots. I’ve never (knock on wood) had a problem with the D-ring coming loose. Moneymaker Camera Harness Review

Actually, the only problem I have is that it can be a little difficult to detach the latch from the D-ring if you want to hold your camera without the strap. Sometimes I want to hold the camera up over my head and get wide angle shots during the wedding reception. So, yea, it’s so secure that it can be a little tough to detach it when you want to shoot strapless.

It is going to save your back!

Those cross body straps were killing my back over the years. The Money Maker system doesn’t go across your body! It evenly distributes the weight across your back – assuming you have two similarly weighted cameras. Also, I’ve heard from female photographers that they absolutely love the design.

It can handle large lenses and small cameras

Whether I am shooting with my small mirrorless camera…

Moneymaker Camera Harness Review

Or hauling out my 70-200mm on my DSLR…

Moneymaker Camera Harness Review

The Money Maker won’t let you down! Even with big telephoto lenses, the harness doesn’t feel weighted down.

It just looks cool!

People always comment on my Moneymaker harness. They say I look like a gunslinger from the Wild West.

“I’ve got two cameras….one for each of ya!”

And if it can make this nerd look cool, well, that’s saying something!

But, seriously, if you have high end clientele, this harness really screams ‘luxury’. It can also scream ‘rustic’, ‘funky’, and a lot of other things depending on the style you choose – they’ve got some crazy patterns…

Things to consider

Here are few things to think about when considering buying the Money Maker harness:

  • Be sure to get the size that is appropriate for you. Getting a size that is too small or too big is going to lead to an uncomfortable fit.
  • Adjust the straps to get the fit perfect. For the first month or so, I hadn’t adjust my straps properly and I wasn’t getting the full benefit of the harness.
  • It’s not cheap! Listen, quality costs money. If you work with a higher end clientele (or you want to) presenting yourself in a more slick fashion can go a long way.


You should get yourself one of these harnesses. They’re super cool, comfortable, and they are built to last! They’re expensive, but, trust me, they are worth it! There are a few available on Amazon.

Or you can head over to the Hold Fast website by clicking here, and you can check out all of the different products they have to offer!

What camera strap/harness do you use? Do you like it? Looking to upgrade? Tell me in the comments!


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