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Stop Camera Gear Envy

I think it is something that all photographers go through, especially when you’re starting out. Watching others fill a bag full of prime lenses and flagship camera bodies when you have little to no budget to invest in gear can feel like it will break your spirit.

But here’s the truth. We all start somewhere. I remember when I decided to go ‘professional’ in my photography career. While I had several film cameras (and no idea how good the lenses I had actually were and still are today), I decided I needed a digital camera as well.

The first two digital cameras I had were actually fixed lens, DSLR-like cameras. I happened to get very lucky with those choices though. Why? They both had great glass! f/2.8 through the entire zoom range.

end camera gear envy

After those cameras I moved up to a Canon DSLR for which I only had two lenses, both standard zooms. Over the years, I slowly built up my array of lenses, lighting equipment, and camera bodies. It has taken 20 years to amass the photography gear that I have today.

Guess what? There are still times when I think to myself, “Damn, I don’t have THAT piece of equipment!”

The only thing you can do is sit back and realize that it takes time to build your selection of photography gear. It doesn’t happen overnight.

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