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I’m a photographer. I’m passionate about photography, the industry, and the gear. My goal is to also be 100% transparent. If I receive free or loaned products from a company, I will let you know in the review. In fact, if you don’t see a notification that says I received a free product or a loaner, realize that these are products I have purchased for myself with my money for my kit. As a photographer, that’s important. These are products I purchased to use for my business. Can they be relied on to deliver when needed?

I will never solicit freebies, reward companies that provide them, or punish companies that don’t. Not every company can afford to do that, and sometimes the best companies have very small budgets. My reviews of products are based on my opinions, my experiences resulting from hands-on tests, and — regardless of my relationship with the companies behind them. My reviews are not always favorable.

We keep our advertising and our editorial content strictly separate. Advertisers do not have influence over our content, nor do we ever accept any form of compensation in exchange for blog posts.

Affiliate Links

We will occasionally use affiliate links (e.g. Amazon’s Affiliate Program) when directing readers elsewhere to learn more about products. The Nerdy Photographer receives a small percentage of profit from sales generated through these links. The use of affiliate links will never influence the content or opinions of our articles.