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Episode 22 – Isolation Activities

So, you are probably going a little stir crazy now that you’ve been living in isolation for a while. Need some activities to help keep you busy, focused, and productive, dear photographer?

Good! I’ve got just the thing for you. Check out the latest episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast and get my list of things you can be doing to improve your business while you’re sitting at home.

I’m also going to be creating a series of photo projects and challenges you can do while you’re stuck in your house! Be sure to follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to take part.

The key is to strengthen and build now. Create content. Hone your skills.

Get to it!

Be sure to subscribe to The Nerdy Photographer Podcast wherever you get podcasts, and if you have any questions or ideas for future podcast episodes hit me up on social media – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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The Nerdy Photographer
The Nerdy Photographer

With more than a quarter century as a professional photographer, The Nerdy Photographer's goal is to spread knowledge and laughter throughout the photo industry. Please follow along on social media and subscribe to the podcast.

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